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inheritedxscars's Journal

.the nation of two's lovejournal.
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Forgive me for I did not know
'cause I was just a boy
and you were so much more

Than any god could ever plan
More than a woman or a man
And now I understand
How much I took from you
That when everything starts breaking down
You take the pieces off the ground
And show this wicked town
Something beautiful and new

You think that luck has left you there
But maybe there's nothing
Up in the sky but air

And there's no mystical design
No cosmic lover preassigned
There's nothing you can find
That cannot be found
'cause, with all the changes you've been through
It seems the stranger's always you
Alone again in some new
Wicked little town

So when you've got no other choice
You know you can follow my voice
Through the dark turns and noise
Of this wicked little town
Oh, it's a wicked little town
Goodbye wicked little town
01/14/84, 04/27/84, 07/24/02, a summer wasting, anne arbor, at the drive-in, august in bethany, bad religion, being in bethany's arms, bethany, bethany's absolute beauty, bethlehem, blue, bookstores, boston, bright eyes, coventry, cuddlecore, digital crucifixion, emerson college, every me every you, germaphobia, hands down, homestar runner, i'll catch you, jonas and rose, just like heaven, love, love letters from bethany, love letters from trevor, love poems, mint!, no takebacks no returns, peewee, sage francis, showers, sleeping together, strong bad, strong dad, the appleseed cast, the creek, the get up kids, the luckiest, the mass pike, the nation of two, the origin of love, the trevor book, treescratch, trevor, twice!, warped tour, warwick, whitinsville, wicked little town